Technical and creative production

Radiustech Production

Radiustech OÜ is an Estonian company founded in 2011 that specializes in:

- technical production and visual performance of all kinds of events / festivals / tv-shows / fairs / commercials / films: sound, light, stage, design, decorations, tents, furniture.
- audiovisual equipment, furniture and decoration rental;
- sales and marketing of the brands we represent in the Baltics and Scandinavia.

Our services


Estonian Tax and Customs Board Gala 2022
WAPES congress 2022
Estonian Music Industry Awards 2022
Yolo Gala 2022
Golden Egg 2022
Veriff brand launch and mix & mingle
Veriff Summer Festival 2022
EstBan Gala 2022
Yolo Summer Festival 2021
Yolo Partners Event 2022
Conference in Radisson Collection
WAPES congress Gala
"Greatly executed conference. Very professional!"
Estonian Defence Associaton
"Everything went super well and the experience was guaranteed for the audience!"
Estonian Youth Work Center
"Thank you to the organizers for what you did there tonight! You were able to inspire and pass on this utmost value through video! The idea and execution were very fierce and we laughed at quite a few times. It was an honor to watch and be a part of it!"
"We were very satisfied. We very much enjoyed that You think very actively yourself and tthat you have so many good thoughts."
Startup Awards Gala 2021
“I wanted to thank you again! It was smooth and excellent - good job! :)”
“Thank you so much, it’s a great feeling that we can always trust you!”
Estonian Curling Association
"Suured tänud väga hea kogemuse korraldamisest!”
"You have extremely cool and bold thoughts that clearly set you apart from other agencies. The technical production surprised both me and my colleagues, something so great has not yet been set up in our events. So thank you and thank you again."
Eesti Pandipakend
"Thank you and your entire team for yesterday's show! We got a lot of good emotions and knowledge from the world of online events"
“Suur tänu sulle selle ürituse eest! Meie poolt kõik super!”
Delfi Meedia AS
"We were very satisfied with our virtual event. Of course, it was a pity that we couldn't be invite viewrs to the studio, but even in such a setup it worked and undoubtedly it was the right decision to film and broadcast at least the first half of the day with professional equipment!"
Tax & Customs of Estonia
"We definitelly should ask your tips for the next hybrid-event!"
10th Hemphilia Nurses Hybrid-Conference 2020 - viewers from the UK
“Perfect event and atmosphere!”
Sutherland Global Services
"Thank you Maris and team - you always go many miles further than we expect or imagine and that's why we are so good together!"
Yolo Group
"Big big big big thank you for organising such a memorable event. I am confident to recommend you to all my acquaintances who are planning to have one memorable event. I especially appreciate your commitment to quality and glamor. I wish you strength and success and will definitely see you again!"
Näpi Sawmill
​ "I just have to say it personally - thank you very much! You encouraged everyone (especially me) so well on the first day. And you led the whole team so well. Everything seemed as simple and clear as you were. You are full of good energy. I I'm so sad that you weren't in Estonia today, but I believe that the Latvians really needed you too. I hope they appreciated you there the same way we did here. Thank you very much! "
Takeda Hybrid-Conference 2020
"The party was SUPER cool, the light and sound super lux. The conclusion would be 'BEST EVENT EVER!' 🙂 :)"
Riigikogu Kantselei
“Like the staff at the Paide Cultural Center already said on the spot - party like that has never been seen at the Paide Cultural Center. It was very grand, meaningful, well-structured and looked amazing. Sincere thanks for that!”