Management / accounting

Maris Altsoo
Partner / producer
Mikk Trummal
Partner / production manager / equipment sales
Accounting and bills:

Warehouse / dry hire

Grete Heinsoo

Project manager / Dry hire manager

Peeter “Kunde” Vaaks

Warehouse / dry hire manager

Karl-Joosep Maltis

Maintenace / logistics


Heldar Selg

Project manager / FOH engineer

Greg Tšekulajev

FOH engineer

Ülar Enn

FOH engineer


Kevin Roosileht
Project manager / lighting engineer
Edvin Lehtla
Lighting engineer
Kristjan Kallas
Lighting engineer

Video / SFX

Orhe Veermäe
Project manager / video and LED screen engineer / SFX
Rene “Rein” Raidmaa
Video and LED screen engineer / SFX engineer
Ramon Vilde
Video engineer
Karmo Sooväli
Video engineer
Kaur Hendrikson
Video directing / cam operator / color correction


Rasmus Holm
Rigging / installation

Decor, stage, custom solutions

Grete Heinsoo
Project manager / rental
Joonas Hirv
Project manages / set design / installation
Mark-Erik Tölpt
Sten-Erik Türk

Repair / maintenance work

Hebe Arus
Repair and maintenance work

Graphic design / print

Reio Reins
Graphic design / printing solutions